Juan Manuel Zaragoza

Juan Manuel Zaragoza




I finished my graduate studies in Philosophy and in Information Sciences at the University of Murcia in 2006. Afterwards I studied for my PhD in History and Philosophy of Science at the Autonomous University of Madrid in 2012. My thesis, entitled “Terminal patients as an interactive kind: Incurable patients in Spain (1850-1955)” was developed at the Spanish National Research Council’s Institute of Philosophy, at the Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences. I was a visiting scholar at the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine (London, 2009), the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge University (2010), and the Centre for the History of The Emotions at Queen Mary University of London (2011). My main research areas include the history of medicine from the patients’ point of view (in the 19th and early 20th centuries); the material culture of experience; and the history of care. I am a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Centre for the History of the Emotions at Queen Mary University of London, working on a research project entitled “Material cultures of care and emotion in Britain and Spain, 1890-1940”.

My experience as a researcher in medical humanities has been reflected in three published articles in relevant journals within the discipline, such as Dynamis and Asclepio, and a chapter in an edited book on resentment, within the last two years. I have also attended several international workshops and conferences in the last three years, and organized “Culture, History and Emotions: an International Meeting of Young Researchers”, which was a conference for young researchers in the history of emotions held by the Spanish Research Council (Madrid), in 2010 and 2011. Beside this, I have devoted some of my time to public engagement activities. I have twice participated in ‘Science Week’, within the Comenius European framework, and participated as a writer and co-director in the documentary entitled “A Land without Paths”, in collaboration with the University of Murcia, Fundown, and Sobrelamarcha Productions, in which we contrasted the history of Downs Syndrome and the popular understanding of the condition, with the actual everyday life of three members of the association. The documentary was exhibited at several of Fundown’s public events and by the Regional Public Television of Murcia. Nowadays, I’m working on the development of a collection of curated apps for iOS and Android addressing some of the most interesting but unknown chapters of the history of medicine.


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  • History of Medicine
  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • History of the Emotions
  • Medical Humanities
  • Material Culture Studies